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On Manjushage Festival, Koma 2 years ago
It's a magical event. The last week of Sept. is best. I'll be your guide.
On Night Lights at Tatemono-en 2 years ago
Hi Yoshiko, It's my favourite museum it Tokyo. It's great at any time, but the light-up is special. I was planning to go yesterday, but it was...
On The Yabatagawa South Green Path 3 years ago
Thanks Victoria. I love cats. It was good timing.
On Yuzen Nagashi Festival 3 years ago
Hi Mandy. It is a great festival. The vicinity has many traditional shops year round.
On The Owls of Ikebukuro 5 years ago
Fukuro roughly rhymes with Ikebukuro and presto! another cute mascot. Owl items are all over Ikebukuro. There are shops selling owl dishes,...