Night Lights at Tatemono-en

Yearly special event at the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Museum

By Allan Murphy    - 1 min read

Each year, but only for three evenings in November, Tatemono-en, the Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum, adds another jewel to its crown. For this brief period, it stays open until 8 p.m., and as the sun goes down, the "light up" event commences.

Working together with a lighting consultant, the museum created two themes. The first was to literally "shine a light" on the seasonal aspects of the gardens. The other was to replicate the interior lighting - candle, gas or early electric - appropriate to each building in its respective period. In addition, there were lectures (in Japanese) about Taisho period lighting, and lantern-making workshops for elementary school-aged children.

The overall effect was very impressive and I felt like an autumnal time traveller. I certainly know where I will be traveling to at the end of next November.

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