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Ideal Accommodation in Tokyo

Oakhouse Higako Sports: A home away from home

With endless flashing billboards, good-looking people and mouth-watering cuisine, the efficient capital of Japan, Tokyo, threatens to overwhelm all senses of the most discerning traveller. This metropolitan city, which is one of the world’s best travellers destinations, promises an experience that will leave you wanting for more. Yet, accommodation can be a deciding factor when it comes to planning that well-deserved long vacation.

Before you strike off Tokyo due to high accommodation costs, stop and read on!

Your solution lies in Oakhouse – a network of shared houses that provide affordable lodging based on the wonderful concept of sharing resources! While one gets to enjoy the privacy of your own room, shared facilities such as the well-equipped kitchen, bathrooms and cosy lounge etc. provide the perfect making of an engaging community!

Be it local or foreign travellers, if you are planning on staying in Tokyo for a month or more, you may like to consider Oakhouse Higako Sports located at Koganei. It is conveniently accessible by the “JR” (a local railway service) and the nearest Higashi-Koganei station is just about 20 minutes away from the bustling Shinjuku interchange. This provides the best of both worlds for travellers (like myself!) who enjoys the perks of being a tourist while living like a local. After a day of traipsing around popular tourist attractions, the cosy Higako Sports nestled within an idyllic neighbourhood is the perfect sanctuary for me to rest and rejuvenate. In fact, it feels like a home away from home!

“Share and exchange; enjoy, not just live.” This insightful welcome message of Oakhouse sums up what one can expect when staying in any of its properties. Be prepared for great smiles, positive energies and a friendly environment, as everyone readily welcome new friends. All my pre-trip apprehension of being alone in a foreign land disappeared in a flash upon arrival at Higako Sports! There are approximately 160 rooms with both local and international occupants. Conversations flow in the most interesting mix of languages – both verbal and non-verbal!

Female travellers, especially those who are travelling alone, will also welcome the layout of this compound whereby the management thoughtfully designated two levels of accommodation for ladies only!

For the sports enthusiasts, you are in luck! As its name suggests, Higako Sports provides various sports facilities such as the large outdoor court for tennis or basketballs, pool tables, studio for aerobics or dance and even a large Japanese-style bath for post-workout relaxation. If you enjoy lazing around like myself, the social studio that boosts a 150-inch projector shall allow you to enjoy movies comfortably.

For tech-junkies who cannot live without the Internet, you can be rest assured that your lodging rates come with free Wi-Fi (available at the common areas) as well as LAN in your room.

With the various facilities and amenities amid affordable pricing, Higako Sports presents the perfect solution for travellers who are seeking accommodation in Tokyo for a month or more. There is just one thing to be noted! The cosy environment might just be too comfortable that you would not want to leave when it is time to depart. Consider yourself forewarned!

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Find out more about Oakhouse: Social Residence Higashi Koganei.

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Elena Lisina 4 years ago
I bet it's good for students and young people! I liked the district!
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 9 years ago
Very well said. It felt like being walk through inside the lodging place.

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