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Oakhouse in Higashi Koganei

A very tight and friendly community at this Share House

If you plan to stay in Tokyo for at least a month or so, you may be considering multiple housing options. In Japan it can be very difficult for foreigners to find accommodation that is good and not too expensive – the language barrier and cultural differences also add to what can be a challenging search!

The solution to this problem is the Share House. This is basically a huge apartment-style complex with a centralised kitchen, leisure facilities and shared bathroom. One excellent example of this is Oakhouse, and one of their newest properties, Higako Sports, in the Higashi-Koganei area. They are located about 20 minutes away from Shinjuku station and either a 5 minute bus ride from Higashi-Koganei station or a 15 minute walk. This property also has its own tennis court and recreation room to play pool, table tennis or simply watch a video together on the big projector available for use by all residents.

They have roughly around 160 rooms and the rental prices are very affordable as well. The main benefits are you will have lovely housemates, easily make new friends and have the chance to improve your Japanese language! Tenants are a mixture of those traveling, studying and also working in Tokyo, including Japanese as well as foreign visitors.

It was an extremely enjoyable experience living in Oakhouse. Their common room is really cozy and comfortable and every night you can just drop by and chit chat with your new friends, or simply meet those you haven't met yet. They have decorated the common lounge/kitchen space with a wooden style and there is this huge table there where you can have your dinner and just catch up with everyone.

The other good thing that many foreign speaking people might like is that the manager, Yuji-san, is able to speak English and does his best to help you settle into Oakhouse and introduces you to everyone else. They also have this LINE group (Japan's version of WhatsApp) where everyone that stays in the house will be added so that it's easier to keep in contact with everyone else.

So if all the above sounds like something that you will enjoy, or might enjoy, then definitely do check out Oakhouse Higako Sports. There is a minimum term of a one month stay, bt you can stay there as long as you want thereafter, with full flexibility over the term length. I definitely enjoyed my time living here and would recommend Oakhouse to others.

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