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Ippei Soba Restaurant at Koganei

Healthy Soba Ramen and Gyoza

Some of the numerous advantages of living a little bit further from the major Tokyo neighborhoods include a cheaper cost of living, as well as more opportunities to find local shops or restaurants that haven't been influenced by tourism and therefore more accurately reflect Japanese cooking tastes.

If you live in Koganei, only one minute away from the OAK Higako Sports shared house, you might have already walked past Ippei Soba. From the outside, it looks like any other soba chain, but once you've tried one of their noodles, you will immediately feel the difference.

Starting at only 520 ¥ a noodles dish and about 360 ¥ for a Gyoza plate, you'll be able to try one of the best and healthiest soba in the Koganei area at affordable prices. While they don't have an English menu, you can ask them for a recommendation to get a bowl of delicious food. They serve both Soba and Ramen and cook all their noodles Ippei style.

Their noodles' taste exceeds most of the fairly expensive bowls in Tokyo's central neighborhoods.

You'll notice how the taste is a little different than other restaurants: noodles are creamier, softer and seem to melt into your mouth. To achieve this peculiar taste, they use a homemade sauce that works perfectly with the noodle's flavor and texture and gives them a lot more character. Furthermore, the house is dedicated to cook only healthy food with the healthiest ingredients, so go ahead and order what you want: you'll be sure that it won't be too fat or oily, and your body can only be thankful!

We have tried both Soba and Ramen and you can definitely tell that they are of very good quality. Their noodles' taste exceeds most of the fairly expensive bowls in Tokyo's central neighborhoods. The pork meat served over the noodles was also very soft and the vegetables fresh and crispy. As they say, "once you've tasted it, you'll remember it !" and I won't forget how delicious these noodles were.

So if you live in the Koganei area and are too lazy to cook, go ahead, grab some Ippei Soba! They're excellent and cheap, what else could we ask for?

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