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Kirin Factory Tour

Kirin Factory Tour

Avery Choi

Kirin Brewery Shiga Factory Tour take you on an incredible journey through the making of Japan’s top selling black tea beverag..

Shiga 2
A Day Trip to Obuse

A Day Trip to Obuse

Avery Choi

Obuse is a must-see destination easily accessed from Tokyo or Kanazawa. Discover a town full of chestnuts, Hokusai (Paintings by..

Nagano 1
Higashi Chaya District 7

Higashi Chaya District

Avery Choi

Higashi Chaya District is a picturesque area with cobblestone alleyways and traditional wooden architectures of the Edo period.

Ishikawa 2
Takahashi Ameya 9

Takahashi Ameya

Avery Choi

Takahashi Magozaemon first opened its door in 1624 and has been selling traditional Japanese confectioneries on the streets of Joetsu..

Niigata 2
Sunset Over Lake Shinji 10

Sunset Over Lake Shinji

Avery Choi

The sublime sunset at Lake Shinji in Matsue, Shimane, is a masterpiece of the nature. The locals call it the "Colours of Shimane"...

Shimane 2
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