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Takahashi Ameya

The oldest confectionery in Japan

Takahashi Magozaemon first opened its door in 1624 and has been selling traditional Japanese confectioneries on the streets of Joetsu for the last three centuries, making it one of the oldest confectionery shops in Japan. Historically, confectionery had been a luxury item in Japan, making a trip to Takahashi a real treat, a tradition that remains today.

The wooden sliding door creaked as I enter. You can feel the richness and history of the century-old shop just by the scent of the antique decorations and shelves. The wood cabinet at the back, for instance, was installed since 1877.

As a budget traveller myself, I couldn’t help but also bought a jar of Awa-ame(粟飴), a unique syrup-like sweet that the 14th successor and his forebears have been perfecting for the last 400 years. The sitting area beside the displays has a great ambience and perfect for tasting the various types of sweets that the store has to offer.

Opening Hours

08:30 - 19:00 (Except Tuesday and public holidays)

Getting there

Take the Echigo-Tokimeki train from Joetsu Myoko to Minami Takada station. It takes around 12 minutes by walk from Minami Takada station.

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