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Sunset Over Lake Shinji

Bask in the beauty of nature

As the sun melts on the tip of Asahi Mountain, its burning colors bleed around its silhouette, painting a spectacular piece of watercolor every evening here at Matsue.

Lake Shinji Sunset Spot is your front row seat for one of nature’s greatest theatrical displays - the locals call it the ‘Colors of Shimane’. The sun orchestrates a dramatic show that light up the skies above and the lake beneath, as it falls onto the Bride Island or Yomegashima.

You could view the sunset anywhere along the two kilometer long lake shore promenade, from 20 to 30 minutes before sunset. Despite being one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan, it is usually not very crowded, so it’s quite easy for you to set up a tripod and wait for the perfect shot.

Getting there

Take the "Lakeline Bus" from JR Matsue station, and get off at stop 28: Shimane Art Museum, and then walk along the lake shore promenade for 8 minutes.

More info

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