Higashi Chaya District

Where the clock ticks back to the Edo period

By Avery Choi   Sep 9, 2018 - 1 min read

Time seems to have stopped here at the Higashi Chaya District in Kanazawa. The picturesque scenery you see here today would pretty much be the same as the one seen by the people living in the 18th Century.

Once exclusive to the patrons, the district used to be the entertainment area for the upper class. It was packed with Ochaya teahouses, a special type of establishment where the rich were served with quality food and entertained by the geisha, being female performers of traditional art and music. Along with Kyoto's Gion, it is one of the National Preservation Districts for groups of historic buildings.

While many of the Ochaya have been converted into modern cafes and souvenir shops, the cobblestone alleyways and traditional wooden architectures from the Edo period make it the most authentic place to experience the past. On a side note, Hakuichi at the hub of the district has the best Goldleaf wrapped ice-cream, out of the many I have tried in city.

Getting there

Take the Kanazawa Loop Bus (Right Loop) and get off at Hashibacho stop.

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