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Modern Japanese Cooking in Kanazawa

Walk-ins welcome, enjoy a course meal in Chaya District

I would like to introduce a recommended course meal we decided upon for the second night of our 2-day Girl's Trip. The name of the restaurant was "Ichirin" and can be found in Kanazawa City in Chaya District, which is one of only three officially designated traditional areas.

We came across it the day before as we strolled along Kazue-machi Chaya District. As we wondered about what restaurants were in the area for dinner, my friend discovered Ichirin.

According to what we were told about this place, it used to be an art gallery that was renovated into a restaurant. We were considering just ordering a la carte for our meal, but we also saw that they two course meals made from local products for ¥4,000 or ¥6,000.

We didn't really ask details about the course menu so I can't explain it very well, but the main course for the ¥4,000 course that we ended up selecting was beef tongue. Apparently the ¥6,000 course had duck meat as the main course and included one more type of appetizer and rice cooked in a stone pot.

The food that was brought to us was modern Japanese style of cooking. The menu for that day started with tofu seasoned with sesame and topped with sea urchin and then sashimi (raw, cut fish). The main course was beef tongue in paprika sauce. After soup curry, we were served salty-sweet blue cheese mousse for dessert.

Also included in the course, which we forgot to take pictures of, was eel in broth and cooked fish. It was a really filling meal!

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