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On Pizza Riva 5 years ago
I ate here the other night and the food was absolutely delicious! Best pizza I've had in Japan. Really, really tasty
On Pfft Cat Cafe, Okayama 5 years ago
To be honest I'm more of dog person too. I hear there are dog cafes also but Japan loves small dogs while I prefer the big, dumb ones :) It's...
On Setoda-cho Day Trip 5 years ago
After reading this article my friend and I took a day trip down to Setoda-cho and it was absolutely beautiful. There's plenty on the island...
On Tomo-no-ura in Fukuyama, Hiroshima 5 years ago
I didn't realise this was so close to Hiroshima. This is fantastic. I'm a big Ghibli fan and it's close enough to the city that I can visit...