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On World's Shortest Escalator a month ago
Thanks for this very specific article! I recently had someone ask me about this and I could pinpoint tell them thanks to your article. :)
On Sendai Animate 3 years ago
Let's hope that we can help all the visitors cross off items on their anime goods shopping list!
On Ukai Festival 3 years ago
These shots are really nice! Also it's good to mention that none of the birds are hurt during this, so everyone should be able to enjoy knowing...
On Todaiji Temple in Nara 3 years ago
I liked your article, but I felt like the writing wasn't very clear. There are a lot of jumbled sentences.
But the pictures were good and...
On Jetstar's Boeing 787 Dreamliner 4 years ago
Did your experience flying the long distance feel better because of the Dreamliner? I'm very curious about it, but after I heard that some other...