Dormy Inn Sendai Ekimae

A reasonable business hotel near Sendai Station

By Melissa Hill    - 3 min read

The Dormy Inn Hotel is a chain hotel that is found around Japan. In Sendai, this hotel boasts a public hot spring called Hagi no Yu, and is definitely worth a stay if you happen to be in the Sendai area. The Dormy Inn Sendai Ekimae is incredibly close to the station. It can be reached by taking the walkway outside the West gate in about five or eight minutes. If taking a large suitcase, it is possible to only have to stop at one traffic light or so. In addition to its prime location near Sendai Station, this Dormy Inn is also close to three different convenience stores, and is about three minutes walk from Sendai's famous covered shopping arcade which features many shops and restaurants. The great location makes it easy to get to and from almost anything you'd need while in Sendai.

Another perk of this hotel, besides its friendly staff and incredibly clean rooms, is the free coffee in the afternoon and the free hot soba in the evenings! Free soba starts at the hotel in the first floor restaurant from 21:30 until 23:00, so if you have a hankering for a midnight snack, you don't even have to leave the hotel.

There is a Continental breakfast offered in the morning. If you have reserved the breakfast option, you can enjoy a wide range of Japanese and Western breakfast items. Breakfast can be eaten from 06:30 to 09:00 so even those who have an early check out can enjoy a nice meal before their departure in the morning.

The hotel offers several room amenities including the usual toothbrush, hair dryer, slippers, television and refrigerator, they also offer tea and coffee, and in my room I had a personal air cleaner! In the changing room to the hot spring, there is a washing machine and there are various vending machines and ice machines around the hotel. My room was one of the smaller, cheaper rooms with a view of the building next door, but the bed was comfortable, the room was clean and the location couldn't be beat.

The real reason I chose to stay in this hotel was the bath, Hagi no Yu. The baths are really amazing. They have sodium hot spring water that is said to help with a variety of ailments including stiff joints, back pain, and if your partner complains about it, penguin feet! Well, not really, but the hot water is great after a long day of travel. In total, in the spa area, there are three baths, two hot and one cold, and a sauna. There are shower facilities and areas to wash yourself before you enter the bath. And for the ladies, remember, it's rude to have your hair touch the water in the bath, so make sure that you grab some of the free hair ties that they have in the changing room. And enjoy the free facial lotions and cosmetics after your bath.

Over all, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Dormy Inn Sendai Ekimae for any of my traveling friends and encourage everyone to take advantage of all the nice offers that this hotel in Sendai has.

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Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill @melissa.hill

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Sébastien Duval 7 months ago
Thanks for sharing, Melissa! Like you, I have had good surprises with the common baths of Dormy Inn hotels :)
Melissa Hill Author 5 years ago
The bath is really nice and it IS available for day use. A day use plan has about 5 rooms per day that can be used from noon until 8pm. They have other time slots for the day use rooms, so you'll have to check that out! A day use means that you can use the bath, get your own room, take a nap, and then watch TV if you'd like! But the onsen doesn't open until 3pm, but it's a nice chunk of time!
Justin Velgus 5 years ago
FREE SOBA?! This hotel already gets five stars! The bath sounds great! Can anyone use it for daytime use, or is it only for hotel guests?