A Day Trip to Minamisanriku 16

A Day Trip to Minamisanriku

Among other sites in Minamisanriku, a visitor can enjoy a vegetarian lunch at the Sansankan, the dramatic rocks of Kamiwarizaki,..

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Matsushima Bon Festival 8

Matsushima Bon Festival

The Umi no Bon Festival is Matsushima's version of the summer time custom to remember ancestors and unite the community. The..

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Matsushima Fish Market

Matsushima Fish Market

Matsushima is famous for seafood but where can you find fresh seafood for affordable prices? Try the Matsushima Fish Market!

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The Majesty of Matsushima 9

The Majesty of Matsushima

"Most Beautiful Bays in the World" member bay and Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan location encourages a stroll in any weather.

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