Matsushima Hiyoshi Sanno Festival

Blessing Zuigan-ji Temple in Shinto style

By Roger Smith    - 1 min read
Venue: Hiyoshi Sanno Jinja Shrine When: Mid Apr 2021

On Sunday I followed the Hiyoshi Sanno Festival as it meandered around Matsushima. I found them by following the sound of drums and chanting. Sparrow dancers from Sendai danced energetically while many men in white whirled and lurched a portable shrine around the downtown area.

It is an unusual festival, as it is a Shinto festival to bless and protect the Buddhist Zuiganji Temple, but the lines between religions aren't so hard here in Japan.

The Hiyoshi Sanno Festival takes place each year on the third Sunday of April.

Getting there

Five minute walk from Matsushima-kaigan Station.

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Roger Smith

Roger Smith @roger.smith

Roger was inspired to move to Tohoku following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami to help support the recovery. He currently works with the Town of Matsushima to make it easier for foreign travelers to visit. You might just find him catching the sunset from Fukuurabashi Bridge or relaxing in the gardens of Entsuin Temple, two of his favorite Matsushima spots.

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