Azaleas at Daikozen Temple

Beautiful blooms cover the temple grounds in spring

 By Mandy Bartok   May 3, 2015

While Saga's hilltop Daikozen Temple is well-known for its fiery maples in the fall, the temple's nickname is actually Azalea Temple, due mostly in part to the 50,000 azalea bushes planted on site. A number of bushes are littered around the temple complex itself but the majority are located in the hillside garden (¥500 admission) behind the main temple hall. It takes at least an hour to wander the forest paths and explore the hidden tea houses on site. On the western side of the property, a display of 10,000 azaleas colors the hillside in late April. Parking is available near the temple and the lot can accommodate at least a hundred cars. 

Photography by Mandy Bartok
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Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
Azalea in the water basin is so romantic!
Mandy Bartok Photographer 2 years ago
Olga, this would be a beautiful place for a couples' stroll. ;)
Mandy Bartok Photographer 2 years ago
Tristan, if you've never been, this is one temple that you absolutely need to put on your list.