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Ochozu Falls Campsite

Pitch your tent along a forest river trail

Ochozu Falls is the main attraction on this hiking trail just outside of the city of Tosu in Saga Prefecture, an easy but scenic walk through the woods good for a family outing. But if you’re looking to spend the day extra leisurely or want to spend a night in the forest without traveling far from the city, the campground here is a good choice.

Ochozu Falls Campground (御手洗の滝キャンプ場) is a simple place to camp, nothing fancy, maintained by the city. Tent sites include raised wooden platforms above the uneven forest floor. There are bathrooms, lights, and cooking areas. Both day camping (10 am to 5 pm) and overnight camping (3 pm to 10 am) are both accepted by reservation only (please call the day before or on Friday if staying during the weekend), and the campsite is available from mid-July through the end of August.

You can bring your own tent and camp for 1,000 yen. Alternatively there are rentable heavy-duty tents for 2,000 yen that are useable on the platforms, sites 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8.

The campsite is not regularly staffed, so the campers and hikers are expected to care for this area. There are a few special rules here. The city asks that you take all garbage home with you. Any barbecue goods, cookware, utensils, and the like should be washed at home. No fireworks are allowed, and neither are pets. Please camp in designated tent areas only. Details can be found at the official website (Japanese).

There are thirty parking spaces for the trail, and five are reserved for campers. Parking is free. The larger parking lot is further away, but for those camping, a small closer lot is available by driving up the first part of the hiking trail to right next to the campground.

The falls themselves are only about 22 meters high and are not among the most spectacular in Kyushu. They are, however, in a relaxing and easily accessible natural setting. You can also continue on hiking for several more kilometers if desired, toward Mt. Ishitani and Mt. Kusenbu.

御手洗の滝キャンプ場—ochouzu no taki kyanpujou—Ochozu Falls Campsite

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Tristan Scholze Author 9 years ago
Tayub, the camp can fill up during peak season, so it's best to call ahead for reservations early. You can walk the hiking trail anytime, though.
Tayub Hussain 9 years ago
Looks like a nice area to camp. Is there many people camping here at any one time?
Tristan Scholze Author 9 years ago
I was there in late spring. There were some insects, mostly gnats, but not many biting ones. During the summer season, I would suggest a mosquito net for an overnight stay without a tent. It's in the forest next to a stream, so there will be at least some mosquitoes.
James Forest 9 years ago
Oh it is a nice place. You have got to love the green and water of the place. I do have a question about mosquitos and other biting insects, are their a lot? I am wondering because I usually camp without a tent.

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