Flying above Rice Terraces

Mountainside rice ready for harvest

 By Tristan Scholze   Sep 28, 2014

Japan’s alluvial plains are the population and farming centers of the nation, but the terraced rice fields in the mountains might be the most beautiful agricultural lands. Fields just before harvest are commonly lined with red higanbana, or spider lilies. Take a ride on the wind over mountainside rice terraces outside of the village of Mitsuse in rural Saga.

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Amber Mezbourian 2 years ago
I enjoyed this unusual perspective! It must be fun capturing this footage. I think I'd be scared of accidentally directing the drone into a tree, though! Do you find it easy enough to use?
Tristan Scholze Videographer 2 years ago
It's a bit of a challenge. Especially with any wind or objects that might interfere with the signal. Definitely takes practice. But I'm impressed with its stability nonetheless!
Tristan Scholze Videographer 2 years ago
Sometimes it pays just to wander off into the "middle of nowhere" and see what you can see. I found these terraces just going for a short drive off the main road. Thank you for the kind comments!
Zeba Ahmed 3 years ago
I've seen rice field before but nothing like this! So colorful!! This is great. I can not wait to experience this with my own eyes.
telloyd 3 years ago
Japan is barely touched by tourism drones yet, but it's coming. Nice example of the vivid colors and contrasts of countryside Japan. Impressionism through a vision2+ camera...!
Takako Sakamoto 3 years ago
Wow, this is amazing! Do you have this flying camera of your own Tristan?!?!! Waa I'm jealous!