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Shinrin Park

The definitive public park

Saga is without a doubt a small city. But the reality is that not all of Japan is a high-paced neon metropolis. Some use the term inaka​ or countryside to describe the setting. While there are some rural aspects to Saga, it's still a city with universities, museums, a castle, temples, and shopping districts. But in addition, there is ample access to a great deal of nature, including some beautiful parks.

I can’t say enough good things about Shinrin Park. It’s massive, diverse, and rife with gorgeous scenery. As a father of two very curious and energetic children, this park is the perfect place to fulfill the needs of both parent and child. It’s one of the first times my wife and I can just let them go off on their own and still be at ease. And the places and facilities for them to do so seem to be in abundance.

Now there’s much more here than just open space to explore. There are three different playgrounds, a nature boardwalk, a bird observation station, a lake, flower gardens, and even a sports arena. And the play areas are far from the dangers of any busy roads. So this is ideal to just relax and let your kids run free.

There's also a pond designated for playing during the hotter seasons. A filtration system is used to regulate the water so it's safe to take your shoes off and go in. During the summer, this area is very busy with lots of energetic kids.

I should also emphasize that this park is not just for children. On a nice day, you are bound to see families having picnics, couples out for a stroll and other people by themselves just resting on a park bench sipping on a beverage while enjoying the peaceful scenery.

Like many parks in Japan, they come well-equipped with places to change and care for your infant and/or toddler. There are restrooms, vending machines and even an indoor rest area in front of the main parking lot.

I have been to many parks, but none that have matched this one in terms cleanliness, size and variety. No matter if you have a family, are a couple, or just out on your own, I highly recommend a stop at Shinrin Park.

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Anonymous 7 years ago
Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
Looks like a fun place to take the kids.
Bradford Pomeroy Author 8 years ago
It absolutely is Victoria. And I'm glad you commented as I need to update the photos. It seems they've renovated quite a bit.
Erin Rizal 8 years ago
Definitely haven't heard of this part of the prefecture. Interesting find, so thanks for sharing!
Bradford Pomeroy Author 8 years ago
It's beautiful during Autumn. The leaves are already changing color. And they're remodeling the playgrounds for the kids. We're lucky to have such a space in town!
Sherilyn Siy 9 years ago
Uncanny. Was just there yesterday and it was so much fun watching the kids bounce around on Pompoko Mountain. Definitely will go back to explore more of this gigantic park. Might be worth renting the bikes to go around the park as it's just huge!
Bradford Pomeroy Author 8 years ago
Sherilyn, I was just there this past weekend for the first time in a while with my kids and was surprised to see they've added 2 new playgrounds! It seems it's all getting a makeover. Happy to see Saga Prefecture keeping it updated!!
Olga 9 years ago
At first I thought it is Shinrin park in Saitama, but I definitely made a mistake...
Olga 9 years ago
This one is small but also nice

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