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Kodomo Park

Children's Carnivàle-style theme park in Kono Park

Having lived in American cities such as San Diego and Tampa, I was provided with abundant access to some of the world’s greatest theme parks and attractions. I was within hours of Disney, Sea World, Bush Gardens, Balboa Park, and the famous San Diego Zoo. So suffice it to say, my standards would be assumed to have been set quite high. However, despite all these great places I had the opportunity to visit on many occasions, I still recognize a good time no matter where I am.

Kodomo (Children's) Park in Saga has a charming, vintage feel to it. Since moving here, we have taken my oldest son there 3 times and on each visit we had a blast. First off, it’s free admission. You can’t beat that. And for a mere ¥1,800 (roughly $18 US dollars), you can enjoy the rides all day with your child. These rides include a cool little train and conductor with multiple cars that take you around the entire kid’s park. Afterward, you are even encouraged to take a picture next to the train which is a mini replica of a steam engine. If your kids love Thomas the Tank Engine, they will really enjoy this. Other rides include a mini-roller coaster that is surprisingly fast (it’s the first one I have been able to take my 3 year old on as it’s safe enough for him to ride), and several different rotating rides including spaceships, flying elephants, and swings. There are also plenty of coin arcades and rides as well as playground style swing sets, a snack bar with sweets, gift shop, and yes, even beer for adults.

There are easy access to restrooms, a baby changing room, plenty of vending machines stocked with beverages and sweets, and the staff are very helpful and friendly.

Kodomo Park is situated right within the beautiful Kono Park; so afterwards, you can enjoy a stroll through the natural beauty over there as well. So far all of my visits have been during Japan’s hottest time of the year. So if we’ve had fun then, I can only imagine it even better on a beautiful day.

What I love most about this park is that for once I could take my 3 year old on a theme park ride. In most places, he’s either too young or old, but this place is unique in that kids of all ages can have a great time. So if it’s a beautiful day and your kids are feeling restless and adventurous, I recommend Kodomo Park as an outlet that the entire family can enjoy.

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