Ushio Bairin Plum Festival

Plum blossoms in shades of white and pink

Mid Feb
Mid Mar
Venue: Ushio Bairin Plum Grove, Saga When: Mid Feb - Mid Mar 2022

Taking place annually from mid-February to early March, the Ushio Bairin Plum Festival welcomes spring's arrival in a spectacular way. The plum garden here is said to be the oldest spot for fruit cultivation in Saga Prefecture, and the established trees are filled with blossoms in different shades of pink and white.

In total there are over 10,000 plum trees dotting the hillside here, making for an incredible visual scene. It's a treat for other senses too - the perfume of the blossoms adds a wonderful scent to the air.

Entry to the event is free of charge.

Getting there

The Ushio Bairin Plum Garden is located approximately 10 minutes by taxi (or a thirty minute walk) from Ushizu Station, served by the JR Nagasaki Main Line.

For those who are planning to drive, the venue is around 15 minutes from the Taku IC on the Nagasaki Expressway. Do note that the free parking lot at the venue can only accommodate 30 vehicles.

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