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My Trip to Omiya Bonsai Village

Enroute to the garden

Bonsai is a traditional art of Japan that expresses time, landscape, and scenery on its own form. Bonsai art has a philosophy and long history. Now, it’s well-known and popular all over the world. Some people try to work on that art, but some just admire it, like I do!

I heard of the Omiya Bonsai Village known as one of the most outstanding bonsai cultivating areas in Japan, so I decided to visit. I reached Toro station directly by JR Utsunomia Line from Ueno and asked the local young man how I could get to the Bonsai Village. He nodded and we went to the left from the station, but I should have gone to the right! That young man brought me to the Omiya Park with giant instead of miniature trees. But it was a nice park with a pond and ducks, and I enjoyed it a lot.

But, my aim was the Omiya Bonsai Village, so I tried to find it myself as there was nobody I could ask. Walking towards the station, I found jinja and an antique shop. They sold pictures, plates, dolls, clothes, lamps, vases and what not. I purchased three old kimekomi dolls for my collection. In that shop, one can find anything for very reasonable prices! Next on my way was a beautiful small garden that I enjoyed for I always admired the art of gardening in Japan. It took me some time to feast my eyes at the garden and to take the photos.

Finally, I reached the Omiya Bonsai Village. People there were preparing for the festival that started on the next day, alas! But, maybe I was lucky to come not during the festival as it would be too crowded. I took some photos and unfortunately, something happened to my camera. I just enjoyed watching bonsai. In May, most of the bonsai trees were a tender green color.

Right near the Bonsai Village, there was the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum that displayed the masterpieces of Bonsai art, the history and bonsai related items.

I enjoyed the visit to Toro. But for those who are limited on time, I’d recommend combining the visit to Kawagoe which is also quite close to Toro.

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