Skydiving in Kawajima, Saitama

Freefalling at 3,800 metres with Tokyo Skydiving Club

By Yuta Yamazaki    - 1 min read

At Saitama's Honda Airport, why not try skydiving? You can with Tokyo Skydiving Club. At 3,800 metres above ground and higher than Mount Fuji, I was a little nervous but the worst part, as you begin to fall, lasts just a fraction of a second.

During the freefall, it felt like I was truly flying and was an amazing experience overall. I hope to try skydiving again in many different places.

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Tokyo Skydiving Club (Japanese)

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Yuta Yamazaki

Yuta Yamazaki @yuta.yamazaki

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Victoria Vlisides 4 years ago
I want to try it!
Lester Goh 5 years ago
HOHO. That is AWESOME! A bit expensive, but AWESOME
Yuta Yamazaki Videographer 5 years ago
Lester-san,Thank you.
Jeradyne Cheong 6 years ago
Looks awesome! =D
Yuta Yamazaki Videographer 5 years ago
Jeradyne-san,Thank you.You should try.haha
Yannick Vairon 6 years ago
Whaaat this is crazy!! Yuta you're the man! Great vid!
Yuta Yamazaki Videographer 6 years ago
Thank you Yannick!You should try skydiving next time!!
Takako Sakamoto 6 years ago
SUPER!! Amazing video Yamazaki-san! WELL DONE!!
Yuta Yamazaki Videographer 6 years ago
Sakamoto-san,Thank you so much.It was so great experience.