Super Viva Home Plus

The store that has it all

By Sherilyn Siy   Aug 25, 2016

For a store with multiple superlatives, Super Viva Home Plus does not disappoint. If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist. This particular branch (the Sayama Hidaka Interchange Hanno Branch) is huge. Think Home Depot but throw in a pet and aquarium shop, an office supplies shop, an appliance shop, a bike shop, a bed and bath shop, and a full service food court. They even have owls for sale. Make sure to try the taiyaki (fish shaped pastry with sweet filling) after shopping.

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Victoria Vlisides a year ago
Is it similar to Don-Q?
Sherilyn Siy Photographer a year ago
No, Don-Q is too crazy. I find Don-Q's shelves too narrow and merchandize disorderly. No, Super Viva is more organized like a Department Store but literally has everything from tropical fishes to bolts and pipes.