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Narita Airport

Narita Airport operates as Japan’s predominant international airport, serving destinations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and other parts..

Chiba Zoological Park

The Chiba Zoological Park, first opened in April 1985, is located about halfway between Tokyo and Narita, just outside of the city of Chiba. The zoo..

Tokyo DisneySea

4.4 (5 Reviews)

Tokyo Disneysea became the second of the two theme parks at Tokyo Disney Resort when it opened in September 2001. The park was popular right from th..

Tokyo Disneyland

4.3 (3 Reviews)

Tokyo Disneyland, one of the two theme parks in Tokyo Disney Resort, has been loved by visitors since it’s opening back in April 1983. So loved, in..

Sakura no Yama Park

Sakura no Yama Park

Elizabeth S

Sakura no Yama Park located at the north end of Narita Airport’s main runway I see a popular plane watching spot. Combine a vi..

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Glicopia Chiba

Glicopia Chiba

Elizabeth S

Glicopia Chiba in Noda City hosts a free factory tour that explains the history and manufacture of ice cream in a 70-minute tour...

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