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Cherry Blossoms at Kumamoto Castle
Pink petals conquering grey skies
Despite suffering damage during last year’s earthquake, Kumamoto Castle is still a great place to visit, especially during the colorful Cherry Blossom Season
Cherry Blossoms at Ichifusa Dam
10,000 cherry trees along the shoreline
Ichifusa Dam within Kuma Prefectural Park is the second most popular place for cherry blossoms in Kumamoto. Approximately 10,000 blossoms were planted along the lake and you could enjoy the view while driving. During the cherry blossom season there are a number of special events, with food stands at Ichifusa Damukoenchi and people enjoying a picnic.
Kyushu Scenic Train Route
Stunning scenic train route from Kumamoto to Kagoshima
An introduction to the scenic Yoshimatsu Line: enjoy the best of Kyushu scenery from Kumamoto to Kagoshima
Kayaking in Soyo Gorge
Fun and adventure even for beginners
Soyo Gorge is the dividing line between Kumamoto and Miyazaki. All you can hear is the birds' tweeting and your paddling.
ANA New Sky Hotel
Comfort and class a short ride from Kumamoto Castle
Sleep in style in dontown Kumamoto at the ANA New Sky Hotel
Arao Rice Planting Festival
Local festival to kick off the growing season
Kick off the rice planting season in Kyushu at the Arao Rice Planting Festival.
Yatsushiro Castle Ruins
The remains of Kumamoto's second fortress
Dream of the feudal age on a walk through the grounds of the Yatsushiro castle ruins in southern Kumamoto Prefecture.
Nostalgia for the Western Sea
Visit to tranquil Shimabara Bay and Amakusa open sea
Nostalgic Amakusa Islands in the western sea never cease to draw me back again and again.
Carp Streamers at Tsuetate Onsen
Colorful koinobori in rural Kumamoto
Hundreds of carp streamers are strung over the swift-flowing river at Kumamoto Prefecture's Tsuetate Onsen every year from April to early May.
Beautiful Mountain Stream
Green Kikuchi Valley in northwest Aso Mountain Range
Enjoy the beautiful mountain stream at Kikuchi Valley in Kumamoto and soothe your soul in Nature's dense greenery!
Found: 222 results