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Moomin: The Art and The Story

Moomin: The Art and The Story

Nov 14th 2020 - Jan 11th 2021

A special exhibition taking place at the Kumamoto City Museum of Contemporary Art looks into the art and the story behind the Moomins,..

Kumamoto ¥1,300
Suizenji Garden

Suizenji Garden

5 (2Reviews)

Suizenji Jojuen is a traditional Japanese landscape garden that was laid out in the late 1600s. Due to its enormous size of 64 hectares, it is often referred..

Restaurant Yuwa 6

Restaurant Yuwa

Yui Yamaguchi

Yuwa is where you can eat favorites like piroshiki and borscht. The restaurant looks like it has been renovated from a house giving..

Kumamoto 8


Tom Roseveare

Tengaiten (天外天) serves up Kumamoto ramen in the city centre – tonkotsu ramen with garlic.

Kumamoto 3
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