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Peace Immersion in Nagasaki
Three must-visit places about the 1945 atomic bombing
Peace Immersion in Nagasaki: Three must-visit places about the 1945 atomic bombing
Huis Ten Bosch New Year's Countdown
Fireworks paint the night sky of New Year's Eve
Huis Ten Bosch New Year's countdown fireworks:  A theme park illuminated in 1.3 million LED lights for the incredible New Year's countdown.
New Year's Day at Huis Ten Bosch
Enjoy Japanese New Year at the European theme park!

New Year's Day at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki; Enjoy unique a New Year's Day with a special Japanese breakfast inside a European theme park!

Nakano-chaya Teahouse in Nagasaki
One of two best historical pleasure houses in Maruyama
Nakano-chaya Teahouse was exactly what you would expect from a famous historical prostitute house, which was even sung about in a folk song of Nagasaki!
Lovely Kagetsu Sansui Garden
One of the three largest gardens in Nagasaki
Enjoy the beauty of Kagetsu Sansui Garden, one of the three largest gardens in Nagasaki!
Remnant of Kagetsu-ro, Nagasaki
One of Japan's 3 largest licensed pleasure quarters
A prestigious Japanese restaurant in Nagasaki Prefecture, 'Kagetsu-ro', with a rare designation as a historical site.  
Kaminoshima Church in Nagasaki
Virgin Mary standing on the cape of a Christian island
Kaminoshima Church in Nagasaki with a pure-white statue of the Virgin Mary. Learn the history of Christian martyrdom in Japan of the past!
Blue Hour of Unzen in Nagasaki
From starry sky to morning glow
I will never forget the dramatic and glorious sunrise over Mount Unzen and Mud Flats of Isahaya in Nagasaki.
Teppo-machi Samurai District
A street from the Edo Period in Shimabara
Teppo-machi, the samurai district of Shimabara, showcases several old samurai mansions that are open to the public.
Kamigoto 2: Aosagaura Church
Church on UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List
Photos of Kamigoto Island in Nagasaki: Aosagaura Church. There are many churches on Goto Islands. This is one of 29 churches on Kamigoto Islands, which is the first authentic brick church built by a Japanese architect in 1910. Aosagaura Church is one of the Churches and Christian Sites in Nagasaki that are now on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, and is also a designated important national asset.
Found: 87 results