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Ensei-ji Temple, Yamaguchi 6

Ensei-ji Temple, Yamaguchi

Lily Taki

Ensei-ji Temple, in Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi, is a rare extant example of a Buddhist temple and Shinto still coexisting at a single..

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Streets of Shimonoseki 7

Streets of Shimonoseki

Kim B

Shimonoseki, in the southern portion of Yamaguchi Prefecture, offers much more than simply a thoroughfare to Kyushu. The city has..

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Karato Market 7

Karato Market

Kim B

Karato Market in Shimonoseki offers up fresher than fresh seafood right by Shimonoseki Port. The region's specialty of fugu..

Yamaguchi's Yuda Onsen & Rurikoji

Yamaguchi's Yuda Onsen & Rurikoji


Travel to Yamaguchi's Yuda Onsen & Rurikoji Temple to see wonderful lesser-known sightseeing spots in the Setouchi area of Japan...

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