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Yamaguchi City

A coastal city where history, culture, and natural beauty blend in harmony

About Yamaguchi City
Photo: Rurikoji Temple – Saigen Jiro / CC0 1.0

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About Yamaguchi City

Yamaguchi City is the capital city of Yamaguchi Prefecture, located in the southern part of Japan's Honshu island, and is a mesmerizing destination filled with rich history and natural beauty. 

Yamaguchi City is famous for its stunning scenery, ancient temples, and unique legacy that dates back to vibrant trading with China and encounters with Portuguese Jesuits. As a result of the Jesuit influence, the city hosted Japan's inaugural Christmas celebration, marking a historic milestone in the spread of Christianity within the country. Given its cultural diversity, Yamaguchi City developed into a thriving center for art and heritage, earning the honor of being listed on The New York Times “52 Places to Visit in 2024.”

Yamaguchi City is home to some of the most breathtaking historical sites in Japan. Among these are the Rurikoji Temple's five-storied pagoda, considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Additionally, the Akiyoshidai Plateau and Akiyoshi Cave offer stunning landscapes that are the result of nature's artistry.

The Yuda hot spring district is also a must-visit. There are plenty of ryokan, traditional Japanese inns, to choose from, ranging from overnight ryokan to day-trip onsen. 

Thanks to the city's coastal location, surrounded by sea on three sides, Yamaguchi City is renowned for its seafood. It is famous for locally-sourced pufferfish, served with spring onions and a spicy sauce. Additionally, the city's traditional green soba, known as Kawara soba, is served on a sizzling roof tile and also worth trying.