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A coastal city where rich history, scenic beauty, and culinary delights converge

About Shimonoseki
Photo: Tunoshima sea side – ウランボルグ / CC BY-SA 3.0

Things to do in Shimonoseki

Upcoming Shimonoseki Events

Bakan Festival 2024

Bakan Festival 2024

Mid - Late Aug

Held to celebrate the end of summer, the Bakan Festival in Shimonoseki is Yamaguchi's largest annual festival. The event started..

Free Entry
Toyoura Cosmos Festival 2024

Toyoura Cosmos Festival 2024

Early Oct

The Toyoura Cosmos Festival is an annual event that takes place in early October, and it showcases the beauty of around one million..

2 ¥200

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Where to eat in Shimonoseki

Karato Market 7

Karato Market


Karato Market in Shimonoseki offers up fresher than fresh seafood right by Shimonoseki Port. The region's specialty of fugu..

Papua Club

Papua Club

Tristan Scholze

Papua Club is a seaside cafe with great views and a beautiful interior with a maritime atmosphere in Fukue, Yamaguchi.


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Fukutoku Inari Shrine 6

Fukutoku Inari Shrine


Fukutoku Inari Shrine is not as well known as some other shrines in Yamaguchi, but it shouldn't be missed. It gives amazing..


About Shimonoseki

Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture is located at the end of Japan’s Honshu Island and is a beautiful coastal city surrounded by the ocean on three sides. This strategic location has made Shimonoseki historically significant, and many battles took place in the Kanmon Straits. One of the most notable events was the Battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185, which marked the rise of the Minamoto clan and the beginning of 700 years of samurai rule. Today, the Kanmon Straits remain important as a busy shipping route.

One of the many attractions in Shimonoseki is the breathtaking Tsunoshima Bridge, a marvel of natural beauty. The clear waters and scenic views make Tsunoshima Bridge one of Yamaguchi Prefecture’s most impressive sights, attracting photographers and visitors alike.

Shimonoseki is also well-known for its culinary offerings and is Japan's largest handler of fugu, or Pufferfish. A visit to Karato Ichiba Fish Market is a must for anyone who wants to try this delicacy. It offers fugu prepared in the traditional Yamaguchi style, seasoned with spices, and garnished with sliced spring onions.

With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine, Shimonoseki City is a perfect destination for travelers.