Streets of Shimonoseki

Wandering through this waterfront city

By Kim B    - 1 min read

Shimonoseki is a surprise packet of a city right in Yamaguchi's southern portion, and offers much more than simply a thoroughfare to Kyushu. The city has a range of different attractions from the colorful Akama Shrine to the Karato Fish Market.

If you're exploring the region, you're likely to see the imposing Kaikyo Yume Tower on the skyline. It stands 153 meters in height, and has an observation deck which provides some fantastic views of the city and the Kanmon Strait separating Honshu and Kyushu.

You'll notice that this is a city with a focus on fishing in many ways, and fugu in particular is a delicacy here. If you want to try it, you can find plenty at the Karato Fish Market, and you'll also see statues, manhole covers and even phone boxes with nods to this local favorite.

Getting there

Shimonoseki is approximately a 50 minute drive from either Yamaguchi's Ube Airport, or Kitakyushu Airport in Fukuoka.

Shin-Shimonoseki Station is serviced by the Sanyo Shinkansen. From there, many of Shimonoseki's attractions are a ten to fifteen minute taxi ride away.

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