Fukutoku Inari Shrine

Breathtaking views at this Yamaguchi gem

By Kim B    - 1 min read

Ever had places you weren't intending to visit on your travels which end up more memorable than what you were headed to see? That was the case for us recently with Fukutoku Inari Shrine. We were driving up the coast of Yamaguchi from Shimonoseki to visit Tsunoshima Bridge and Motonosumi Inari Shrine, but saw this gem sitting up on a clifftop. We made a detour so we could stop in, and were so glad that we did!

The shrine here is known as somewhere to pray for good fortune and safety during voyages, so it's the perfect spot to check out if you're traveling. Perhaps the best part of all? There were only one other couple at the shrine when we visited, adding to the spiritual ambience.

Getting there

Fukutoku Inari Shrine is located a five minute drive from the JR Yutama Station on the San'in Main Line. If you do head there by private vehicle, there is free parking at the site.

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