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Miho Museum

The mystic peach blossom valley


Advance reservations are currently required to visit the Museum. For the time being, the restaurant is closed; the cafe is open but its hours/menu are limited.

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Sometimes visiting a museum provides insights beyond that of art, science or history of its collection. The construction and building of the museum itself can be a wonder. I.M. Pei, a contemporary master architect, based the design of Miho Museum on a Chinese poem about the fisherman's accidental discovery of the Peach Blossom Valley. Visitors trace the path from the reception through a tunnel to the exhibition space. The entire experience is a modern version of that fisherman: from the ordinary man-made world, journeying in the quiet and softly lit tunnel and then immersing yourself in the nature’s paradise. In addition, the museum offers you rare and exquisite antiquities from every continent.

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