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Hiking in the Oki Islands

The hiking trail by the Kuniga Coast best 100 in Japan

Japan likes to create lists of impressive things…and Nishinoshima features on several of these impressive lists. The hiking trail along the Kuniga Coast has been chosen as one of the Top 100 walking tracks in Japan, and the longer 10km route which includes the local town has been listed in the Top 500 amazing walks in Japan. If you like walking and hiking, then come to the Oki Islands!

The Kuniga Coast (7km) is one of the most photographed places in the Oki Islands. You can explore the coast by sightseeing boat (scheduled services March–October) or sightseeing bus (scheduled services March–October. If you want to explore more on your own, then I recommend taking a local bus to the base of the track and walk up (and back down), or catch a taxi to the top of the track, walk down to the bottom, and take a bus or taxi back. More info.

The main section of the track is 2.3km long, and starts at the top of the 257m high Matengai Cliff. From here you will walk along the cliff top, through fields of horses and cows grazing, enjoy the scenery and wild flowers such as Oki thistle, Oki dandelion, and after about 60 minutes you will have reached the bottom where the magnificent Tsutenkyo Arch will welcome you. In the summer you can swim or snorkel at Kuniga Beach and maybe even have a picnic here!

As the Kuniga Coast is part of the National Park special area and natural scenery and preservation is very important, there are no food stalls or souvenir shops, so make sure you bring some snacks and a drink!

There are many other hiking courses in the Oki Islands for beginners and experienced mountaineers. You will not be disappointed. Hike and explore Nishinoshima!

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