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Beef you didn't know should be on your bucket list

Beautifully marbled beef richer than its commercial counterparts in monosaturated fats, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids and lower in cholesterol, resulting in an unparalled tender flavor that fills your mouth. That's the elusive Japanese black cattle called Okigyu. Out on the rolling mountains of the Daisen-Oki National Park, cattle born and raised on the Oki Islands graze freely on wild mineral-rich grass, oblivious to the steep cliffs and breathtaking ocean views. A little more than 1,000 cows are born each year but only 10% enter the market as Okigyu.

The best place to try Oki beef is at Okigyuten. At lunchtime, the yakiniku set (grill the meat at the table) costs only ¥1,700 and a gyudon (beef bowl) costs ¥850. Prices increase in the evening. Okigyuten also sells cuts you can cook at home and they can package the meat for long travel. For an idea of the cost, a 500g of ichibo, a prime cut of marbled meat near the thigh costs around ¥10,000.

Getting there

Okigyuten is a short walk from the Hishiura Port of Ama Town.

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