Traveling Japanese Paintings

A special exhibition at Shimane's Adachi Museum of Art

Feb 11th
May 10th
Venue: Adachi Museum of Art When: Feb 11th - May 10th 2021, 9:00am - 5:00pm


The Annex periodically closes throughout the year — please check the official site.

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We're currently living through a season of life that involves travel restrictions and closed borders, but a special exhibition at Shimane's Adachi Museum of Art brings the world to visitors through the "Traveling Japanese Paintings" exhibition.

The event looks at a range of contemporary works by Japanese artists who depict famous places, beautiful nature, unique scenery, and portraits of people encountered during their travels. Artworks depicting foreign countries will be located on the first floor, and others depicting various regions of Japan will be found on the second floor.

Adult admission to the museum is priced at 2300 yen, and the special exhibition is included in this fee.

Getting there

If you're traveling to the Adachi Museum of Art via public transport, head to Yasugi Station on the Sanin Main Line. From there, a free shuttle bus operated by the museum departs from the station approximately every 20 minutes. Once you're at the museum, you're able to pick up a pass for your desired return bus back to the station.

For those who are driving, free parking is available on-site for up to 400 vehicles.

More info

Find out more about Adachi Museum of Art.

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