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Dontsuku Festival

One of Japan's most unique festivals

Venue: Inatori Onsen When: Late Sep 2024

Japan is undoubtedly home to a variety of unique – and some would say, strange – annual festivals. The Dontsuku Festival at Inatori Onsen on the Izu Peninsula is one such event, and it has been running for over half a century now.

The fertility-focused festival sees a giant wooden phallus placed on a mikoshi (portable shrine) and paraded around Inatori Onsen, with the goal of bringing harmonious marriages and safety in childbirth to onlookers.

Photo: Site Plus Co., Ltd.

Along with the phallic-themed parade, there will be a beautiful fireworks show to conclude the event, commencing from 8.40pm.

Photo: Site Plus Co., Ltd.

While there is no admission fee to enjoy the event, bring yen if you plan on purchasing from the various food booths that will be present.

Getting there

The event venue is located approximately 15 minutes on foot (or three minutes by car) from Izu-Inatori Station, which is served by the Izu Kyūkō Line.


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