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Firefly Viewing at Okawa Onsen Takegasawa Park

Enjoy this seasonal phenomenon in Shizuoka

Venue: Okawa Onsen Takegasawa Park When: Late May - Early Jun 2024

Fireflies are a beloved symbol of early summer in Japan, and their incredible bioluminescent glow has captured the imagination of people throughout history. One place where you can appreciate them in Shizuoka Prefecture is at Okawa Onsen Takegasawa Park, which is full of diverse flora and fauna.

Photo: Site Plus Co., Ltd.

An annual firefly viewing event takes place at the park from late May through early June, and the event also includes a variety of food booths, local produce for sale including the regional specialty of pickled wasabi, and toy sales which are ever-popular with children.

Typically the park doesn't have an admission fee, but during the firefly period there is an entry charge of ¥300. The proceeds go towards preserving the firefly's habitat, so it's a worthy cause!

Getting there

Okawa Onsen Takegasawa Park is located approximately 20 minutes on foot from Izu Okawa Station, which is served by the privately operated Izu Kyūkō Line.

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