Gotemba Kogen Resort (Tokinosumika)

Winter illumination and buffet dinner at Mugibatake

 By Jessica A Paje   Nov 18, 2013

The holiday season is upon us and one of the favorite things we like to do as a family is Winter Illumination viewing. Last year we went to Gotemba Kogen Resort (or Gotemba Kohgen Tokinosumika) to experience the fascinating display of lights to amplify our holiday spirit. But, first we indulged in a nice buffet dinner at a restaurant called Mugibatake in the Carnival Plaza. Easily accessible by train or car, the beautiful resort should not only be explored day & night, but throughout the entire year!

On the premises of Gotemba Kogen Resort is a buffet-style restaurant named Mugibatake. The Regular Course is 3,150 per Adult or 1,575 yen for Elementary/Junior High School students and runs for 80 minutes. It is considered to be an open-style world kitchen that serves Japanese, European, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, and our favorite, American style steaks. To entice you even more, the course includes a beer fountain that serves five handcrafted varieties: Pilsner (2010 Monde Selection Gold medal), Weizen, Weizen Bock and their famous Schwartz bier (Dark Beer & 2010 Monde Selection Silver medal). All are made with pure spring water from deep beneath nearby Mt. Fuji and compliment the buffet dinner very well. Especially, if you get a chance to try the homemade German style sausages.

After dinner, prepare yourself for more joy and excitement. The Gotemba Kogen Winter Illumination is a popular attraction that lights up between November and March from 4:30-10:00pm daily. There are over 4 million lights and a 340-meter tunnel you can walk through. Pictures from this years event have already been posted to the Japanese website which include 5000 white storks flying in unison! Be sure to bundle up. It’s very chilly this time of year especially if you plan on visiting the water show at the end of the 340-meter tunnel. The year 2014 marked the 5th Anniversary of the illumination show and was reported to be just as fantastic as the performances in Dubai and Las Vegas. There is no entry fee to admire the lights and water show, but it will cost you 2,200 yen for parking at the resort.

If you’d like to stay for the night and possibly witness the glorious sight of Mt Fuji, Gotemba Kogen Resort offers five different types of lodging to accommodate couples, families or solo travelers. From a few standard hotels, to stylish round villas or even condominium complexes to choose from, each has either access to their own private bath or to the nearby hot springs (Kira-Kobu or Chame Yudono). To make a reservation or submit inquiries, complete an online form or call 090-8475-4512 for assistance in English.

Written by Jessica A Paje
Japan Travel Partner

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Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu a year ago
Oh, I've been there when I used to live in Numazu. I always thought "illumination" was "elimination" when locals said it. They talked to me about such tourist attraction, so I thought it's all about band competitions and eliminations. However when I arrived at the place, I read "Gotenba Illumination" that's when I finally understood what it's all about.
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu a year ago
I agree... and since Christmas is just finding its way to popularity among the Japanese, I guess their Christmas lights and lighting ceremony become an enhancement of the other countries'... Perhaps making up for all those years they ignored Christmas? =)