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Miho-no-Matsubara in Shimizu

A beautiful pine grove and a beach with a view of Fuji

On the coast near Shimizu in the suburbs of Shizuoka city, Miho Pine Grove stands on a beautiful, sandy beach, looking out over Suruga Bay towards Mount Fuji. The contrast between the sandy beach, the ocean and Mount Fuji is spectacular.

The beach at Miho Pine Grove is also the setting of a famous story, "The Legend of Hagoromo." One day long ago, a celestial maiden came to this beach and hung her hagoromo, a kimono worn to ascend to the heavens, on a pine tree. While she was swimming, a local fisherman found her hagoromo, and agreed to return it to her only if she would dance for him. 

As well as this story, Miho Pine Grove has long been known as a scenic spot, and has attracted artists who wanted to depict Mount Fuji since the 16th century. Due to the works of famous artists such as Utagawa Hiroshige depicting the area in Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints), the area became famous as a site for viewing Mount Fuji.

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