Shimoda's Coastline, Izu Pensinsula

Discovering some of Japan's finest beaches

 By Ben Beechey   Jul 12, 2012

Shimoda (下田市) is a city and port in Shizuoka, located at the southern tip of the Izu peninsula about 80 miles southwest of Tokyo. It is perfect for a nice weekend break away from Tokyo. Shimoda's location, between the Amagi Mountains to the north, and the warm Kuroshio Current to the south, gives the city a sub-tropical climate. Shimoda is famous for its hot springs and beautiful beaches.

Photography by Ben Beechey
Japan Travel Member

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Victoria Vlisides a year ago
Izu really is so beautiful. Can't believe I've been in the Kanto area for this long and hadn't visited it more!
Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
Really beautiful!
JJ Walsh 4 years ago
Looks like great fun- sand surfing, dogs in wetsuits- love the photos and hope to visit someday!