A Tour of Nikko's Chuzen-ji Temple

One of Japan's most picturesque temples, inside and out

By Larry Knipfing    - 1 min read

Built by Shodo (勝道上人) in 784, the venerable Chuzen-ji Temple in Nikko, besides being known for the Tachi-ki-kannon, a huge, gorgeous, 48-arm wooden Buddhist statue carved into a living tree, is also worth visiting for its beauty. It is quite picturesque, nestled into a mountain forest, just in front of Chuzen-ji Lake. The temple looks beautiful and tranquil, and the view of the surrounding scenery from high above the town on the temple's upper floors and outside corridor is breathtaking. Just a ten-minute walk from the Chuzen-ji bus terminal near Kegon-no-taki Falls.

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Larry Knipfing

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