Former British Villa in Oku-Nikko

Enjoy the fusion of British and Japanese cultures

 By Olga Kaneda   Dec 15, 2016

Nikko is renowned for its intricately adorned shrines, temples and pagodas, for beautiful, serene landscapes, for its fresh mountain air, and for the occasional wild deer and/or monkeys that you may spot here and there. When in the area, don't miss the Former British Villa in Oku-Nikko. This gorgeous place opened its doors to visitors in July 2016, and many people still don't know about it. Therefore, it is not as crowded as other tourist spots. Here you will learn a lot about Sir Ernest Mason Satow, a British diplomat who played a significant role in the Meiji Restoration of Japan, and will be able to enjoy a fusion of British and Japanese cultures which created the feel of a "semi-Western atmosphere" in the Former British Villa. It is located next to the Italian Embassy Villa, so you may as well consider purchasing an economical joint ticket. 

Photography by Olga Kaneda
Japan Travel Member

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