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"Awa Dance" in Tropical Tokushima

The one & only Bon Dance you can join & try in Japan!

All Japanese know about the 'Awa Dance' in Tokushima, but you will be pleased to know that tourists can join in and dance too! Although there are many well-known summer festivals in Japan that are quite the sight to see, tourists can only watch. However, in Tokushima, you can actually join in and DANCE with local people! There is a group called 'Niwaka-Ren', which means something like 'makeshift team'. Without registration, preparation or costume you can just join them and start dancing! Everybody getting to dance is what Awa Dance is all about. It's held from Aug. 12 to 15 every year and the city will be one hot melting pot during this period.

"There are dancing fools, And there are watching fools, They’re fools just the same, So you might as well dance!"

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