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Awa Odori Festival, Tokushima City

Enjoy this Japanese Traditional Dance from box seats

In August, over 1.3 million people come to Tokushima City to enjoy the Awa Odori Dance Festival. During the festival (from 12th to 15th), six outdoor dance areas (Enbujyo) are constructed in the center of the city, and we can see the dances from box seats (Sajiki seki).

The admission fee for four dance areas is 800-2100 yen. On the other hand, two dance areas can be visited for free! Dancing groups called “Ren” come into the dance area one after another and perform their dances and music.

I saw some performances at Tokushima Shiyakusyo-mae Enbujyo (one of the must-pay areas). A popular and attractive “Ren” is Gojyahei-Ren. Each dancing group has its own unique dance style, and the characteristics of Gojyahei-Ren is their lower center of gravity and slow tempo music. The graceful movements of their dance took my breath away.

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