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Beautiful Waterfalls in Kamiyama

Amagoi-no-taki waterfall

Kamiyama-cho is a neighbor town of Tokushima city, and is about a 30-minute-drive from downtown. Despite the convenient location, this area is richly endowed with nature. There are many places to visit. The 'Amagoi-no-taki waterfalls" is one of them. This waterfall consists of two falls, a 'male-fall' and a 'female-fall'. The female-fall is relatively large (45 m high). It’s off the main trail in the mountain area. So, we have to climb a slippery and steep path for about 20 minutes (700 m) from the parking lot. However, this beautiful waterfall is worth the climb. In addition, we can enjoy some smaller falls along the way. As the path may be dangerous during winter, I do recommend early summer. Feel relaxed in the forest!