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Kurozo Marshlands

A great place to spend a quiet day in the Iya Valley

Deep in the mountains of Tokushima's Iya Valley lay many scenes of natural beauty. The Kurozo Marshlands (黒沢湿原) are definitely among these, and should not be missed. About an hour's drive from Kazura Bridge, this area of the Iya Valley has the widest roads and thus the easiest access. The parking lot is free and does not close and there are plenty of clean restroom facilities and picnic tables nearby. There is a boardwalk and a few parallel paths that run along the length of the marsh. The paths split off to several locations which include Tabinoshiri Waterfall, an observation tower, some wooded trails, a bird-watching building, and more. The path to the waterfall also leads to Matsuogawa Onsen (松尾川温泉), a bath house fed by a hot spring, which is about an hour or two hike downhill from the marsh. This area teems with wildlife, and the sound of birdsong is never far. With excellent facilities, it is a great place to spend a day. For those looking to stay overnight, Matsuogawa has accommodations for very reasonable prices.

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