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Fall Colors at Hashikura Temple

The inner sanctuary of a Konpira Shrine in Tokushima

In the western part of Tokushima Prefecture is the head shrine of over 600 Konpira shrines scattered across Japan - called Hashikura Temple. This temple is tucked into the mountains and boasts breathtaking scenery in addition to its history.

This temple is well known in Tokushima for the incredible scenery when cherry blossoms bloom in the spring and  when the leaves change colors in the fall. Although a ropeway is typically used to access this temple during pilgrimages, it is also accessibly by motorcycle or on foot up to the main gate.

The path leading from the main gate to the inner courtyard is not lacking. Strolling down the path toward the shrine in the mountains is relaxing as you lose yourself in nature.

If you visit this shrine, don't waste the opportunity to eat some great udon - a thick, white Japanese noodle. The cafeteria just in front of the ropeway offers a delicious, seasonal Matsutake Udon (Matsutake is a variety of mushroom). This dish is available only during the fall around November, so keep that in mind when you visit!

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