Nyoirin-ji Temple in Winter

Winter scene at the Mt. Nakatsu-mine

By Yoshifumi Hara    - 1 min read

Mt. Nakatsu-mine (located in south-western Tokushima city) is a place related to the legend of Kobo-Daishi. Evil spirits conquered by Kobo-Daishi fell down to this mountain. "Buddha stone" and "Cave of Star" are places where the evil spirits were sealed up. The temple here of the Shingon Buddhism sect, Nyoirin-ji Temple, is one such area. Nobody accurately knows when this temple was constructed. It appears to be hundreds of years old. The sedate buildings and gentle atmosphere of this ancient temple calms me. There are many statues of Buddha in the garden. Some of them are said to assist spirits, and others are for living people. These statues also contribute to the atmosphere of the temple. They say that praying here may lead to a happy marriage.

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Yoshifumi Hara

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