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Oboke Valley

River boat tour and rafting

Oboke Gorge, a beautiful gorge near Iya valley, is a popular place to discover the beauties of nature.

The clear blue waters, the amazing rocks, and the many outdoor attractions close by can all be explored here. In 2017, the Rafting Championship was held here. If you want to know a little bit more about this place just head for the river boat tour with explanations in English. If you are more on the adventurous side, you can try rafting at the Yoshinogawa River. Licensed guides will help you experience rafting - it does not matter if you are absolutely new to this or a professional when it comes to rafting. So this can also be fun for the whole family. If you are more interested in other sports like canyoning and kayaking, you came to the right place, as well. Oboke has a lot to offer everyone. Rafting season is from March to November.

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